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about electronic cigarettes

An overview

Liberro's e cigarettes are a clean alternative to tobacco because although they contain nicotine, they do not contain tar. 

This is why e-smoking converts from around the globe are referring to them as ‘miracle’ products! 

Switching from tobacco smoking to e-smoking is a simple procedure, but the rewards are enormous. This switch guarantees a cleaner, cheaper and more convenient alternative - and what´s more, if you switch to Liberro e-cigs, you will benefit from the ultimate customer service.

Your Liberro customer service team have gathered together some of the most frequently asked questions - if you have a question that is not listed below, please do feel free to contact us by clicking here.

What is an e-cig?

E-cigs are quite simply electrical devices that simulate the ritual of tobacco smoking, and provide nicotine on the inhalation but without the negative side-effects such as tar and carbon monoxide.  Typically an e-cig will produce an inhaled vapour´, which is in fact a mist that is created by the heating element as it vaporises the e-liquid.Most electric cigarettes are made to resemble actual tobacco cigarettes; Liberro Realis™ and Liberro Go are the same size as a King Size tobacco cigarette, making it the smallest and most realistic electronic cigarette available today!

What are the benefits of using e-cigarettes?

  • Cleaner! (No tar or CO2 Compared to smoking tobacco)
  • Saves you money!
  • Freedom to smoke wherever you want!
  • Eco-aware!
  • Less mess!
  • More extensive variety of taste options!

How much money can I save by switching to e-smoking?

In the Chancellor´s last budget, tobacco products took a significant hit and the equivalent of 37p was added to a packet of cigarettes. Being tobacco-free, e-cigarettes did not incur a price increase and can offer the new e-smoker a potential saving of £185 per month. On average, consumers that have switched from tobacco to e-cigarettes are saving between 70-80%!

Why are Liberro e-cigarettes cleaner?

Firstly, although our e-cigarettes can contain nicotine they do not contain tar. Tar is a cancerous brown substance made from burnt tobacco which tends to build up in the lungs and is contained in traditional cigarettes. In the UK, tobacco smoking causes 100,000 deaths each year and 87% of the fatalities are a result of lung cancer.

Secondly, our e-cigarettes do not contain the 4,000 or more chemicals present in their tobacco equivalent. This chemical-cocktail includes ammonia (toilet cleaner), methanol (rocket fuel), hydrogen cyanide (the poison used in Death Row), butane (lighter fluid), methane (sewer gas) and acetone (nail vanish remover)!

Do e-cigarettes feel and taste like you are smoking a real cigarette?

Yes and No - the first thing you notice when you inhale from your first Liberro® electronic cigarette is the rich fulfilling flavoursome throat hit that a smoker yearns; secondly, you will be surprised to see how the smoke-free vapour that you exhale exactly mimics a traditional cigarette. You can even blow smoke-rings or the vapour out of your nostrils if you desire!

The nicotine-effect feeling you get from e-cigs is exactly the same as that from the tobacco variant. It takes about seven seconds from the time that nicotine enters the lungs for it to start affecting the brain, stimulating the release of dopamine which is an important neuro-transmitter that influences mood. Depending on your temperament, nicotine can either make you feel relaxed or stimulated.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes do not smell of tobacco and the e-cig is slightly heavier to hold than a traditional cigarette (although you will soon get used to the difference).

So, is e-smoking safe?

The first electronic cigarette appeared on the market in China in 2006, so e-cig technology is still relatively new. Currently, because of the lack of clinical testing and knowledge about the long-term effects of inhaling Propylene Glycol in e-liquid, it is not legal to suggest that the use of e-cigarettes is safe.  

E-cigarettes contain nicotine, which whilst not dangerous in normal quantities, is addictive, so Liberro do not sell products to under 18´s and would not advise non smokers to use our products. 

But until trials have been completed and evidence provided to satisfy the necessary government bodies, the use of PG and VG in e-cigarettes, along with that of nicotine, remains subject to debate.

Can I e-smoke anywhere?

There are currently no UK laws to forbid the use of electronic cigarettes in public places. The Health Act 2006 talks about the UK smoking ban and this relates to smoking tobacco or anything containing tobacco; tobacco-free e-cigs can be enjoyed wherever YOU desire.

However, although you can legally smoke your electronic cigarette in pubs, restaurants, cinemas and on planes, etc., it is advisable to ask permission first. You'll find the reaction of most people is curiosity, but there are some who refuse to allow the use of an e-cig on their premises.

Is the smoke from a Liberro e-cigarette harmful?

It is not actually smoke, it is simply condensed air which is mixed with the nicotine in the cartridge to emulate the sensation of smoking and to give you the instant nicotine intake that you desire, so there are absolutely no passive´ smoking side effects.

Wave goodbye to being ostracised by friends or in public places because you are engulfing everyone in a vile-smelling, potentially harmful cloud of carbon monoxide smoke - the vapour that an e-cig produces will mimic that of its traditional predecessor but is odour and chemical free!

Are e-cigarettes better for the environment?

The paper and tobacco in a cigarette is biodegradable, but the filters are not. Toxin-filled cigarette butts continue to pollute our streets and oceans and take between 18 months and ten years to decompose.  The batteries and electronics that make up our electronic cigarettes are recyclable where facilities exit and exhausted batteries can be sent directly to us for responsible disposal.

Why are e-cigarettes cleaner?

As well as contaminating your clothes, home and friends with an unpleasant odour, tobacco cigarettes can be messy devils. Ash-free e-cigarettes are fully house trained and will not leave a dusty trail around the home!

Are e-cigarettes and personal vaporisers the same thing?

Yes. There are many name and spelling variations for the electronic cigarette such as ecig, e-cigarette, electronic cigarette and more. E-cigars and e-pipes are part of the same family too.

Are all e-cigarettes the same?

No, but there are two basic models upon which the majority of e-cigarettes are based - the Cigalike (Liberro Realis) and Big battery (Liberro Amo).

What does an e-cigarette look like?

When produced in white with a brown mouthpiece, an electronic cigarette looks very much like a tobacco cigarette. However, most e-cig models are also available in alternative colours such as black, white, silver and red.

What are the constituent parts of an e-cigarette?

Most consist of two parts now - a disposable refillable tip or clearomiser with built in atomiser and a rechargeable battery with a coloured LED light on one end. These two parts fit together to form a complete electronic cigarette.

What is in the tip?

E-cigarette tips can be purchased pre-filled with e liquid or empty - the liquid-nicotine solution that provides the 'flavour' for electronic cigarettes is already in the prefilled tip. Empty cartridges are available to fill with your favourite variant and your preferred strength e-liquid.

What is in the e liquid?

We only use the best ingredients in our Liberro e-cigarettes and liquids, and produce everything to the highest standards.

Our exclusive e-cig Liquid Purity Range uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine (the same as the nicotine used in nicotine replacement therapy patches and gum) is produced in the UK from finest quality ingredients sourced from within the EU and comprises PG at 80% and VG at 20% for the best vapour production.

Our UK manufacturer, Decadent Vapours, maintains stringent batch controlling procedures which ensure exceptional quality in every bottle and are certified DEG free. Liquid Purity is supplied retail ready with tamper evident seals and fully complies with all relevant UK and EU safety standards, has a childproof cap, and is compatible with all electronic cigarettes.

Apart from flavouring and nicotine, like most e liquids, our liquids also contains propylene glycol (PG), unless, of course they are the VG variety! PG is present in huge range of items including everyday household items like toothpaste and soap. ECITA routinely test our e liquids using GC/MS, with isotope dilution analysis to determine nicotine concentrations. This testing demonstrates precisely what is in the liquid:

  • Propylene Glycol (PG) CAS 57-55-6
  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG or `Glycerol´) CAS 56-81-5
  • Nicotine CAS 54-11-5
  • Food-standard flavourings

What is propylene glycol?

Propylene glycol (PG) is a colourless, odourless chemical that is used as a food additive, in cosmetics and in pharmaceuticals as an inert solvent or carrier.

The ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease) states that propylene glycol is a 'Generally Recognized as Safe' (GRAS) additive for foods and medications. PG has been used since the 1950s as the aqueous-based chemical additive in asthma inhalers and nebulizers.

Should I choose pre-filled tips or bottled e-liquid?

Many people prefer to purchase bottled e-liquid for refilling tips because it is a less wasteful and a more cost-effective alternative. There is also a wide variety of e-liquids to choose from and you can select your desired nicotine strength.

For convenience, there are disposable e-cigs like the LIberro Go and Corona Grandes Cigar and a selection of pre-filled tips for each type of starter pack. These are available in tobacco flavour only.

What flavours do e-liquids come in?

Liberro boast a range of over 24 delicious e-liquids from traditional tobacco to exhilarating menthol and a range of fun flavours. From Oriental Tobacco to Sweet Cherry Blush, these premium e-liquids can add a host of new taste dimensions to your e-smoking experience.

What nicotine strengths do e-liquids come in?

You can choose from a variety of strengths from 0mg (that´s right, nothing - so you can still use an e-cig, exhale vapour but you have no nicotine together with no tar and no chemicals) or you can choose:
  • 3.6% the highest - XXHigh
  • 2.4% XHigh
  • 1.8% High (around black strength)
  • 1.4% Medium (around gold strength)
  • 1.1% Low (around purple strength)
The more popular flavours come in all strengths but others are 1.8mg which is the perfect strength to start with. You will see the various strengths available on each product page.

Does an e-cig get hot?

No, the electronic cigarette does not get hot, does not burn tobacco, does not have a flame and does not produce smoke. The atomiser or cartomiser/tip, however, does get warm during use.

Who uses e-cigarettes?

The majority of e-cigarette users are converted tobacco smokers. Because the e-cig delivers nicotine to the body and produces vapour which can be inhaled, thus mimicking the tactile and physical sensations associated with smoking, it is generally used as an alternative to tobacco smoking by those want to continue to enjoy a smoke but also want to avoid the negative side effects of tobacco.

Who should not use an electronic cigarette?

Non smokers. Anyone who is under 18 years old. Also, until you've consulted a GP about the safety of using products that contain nicotine, avoid using e-cigarettes if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or suffer from any of the following conditions: heart disease, high blood pressure, a weak or impaired immune system, an allergy to nicotine or products which contain nicotine.

* Professor Michael Siegel (Professor in Dept of Community Health Sciences at Boston University) and many other public health advocates have independently demonstrated that e-cigs are approximately 99% less harmful to health than tobacco cigarettes.

Speak to your Liberro Customer Service Team on 0800 111 4753

There are so many personal, social, economical, environmental and practical advantages to switching from tobacco smoking to e-smoking and Liberro are committed to continuing to offer excellent products, service and industry expertise and leadership - all working towards their long-term vision to see an electronic cigarette in every smoker´s pocket´.

We welcome you to join the revolution and start benefiting now! Your body, wallet, environment, family and friends will thank you!!

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