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Our products are intended for adult smokers. This website contains tobacco & nicotine related products and images. By entering the site, you are confirming that you are over the age of 18 which is the required age in the UK to purchase our products.

Safety and Warranty information

How long do these products last?

  • Electronic cigarette batteries, including PCCs and e-pipe batteries are consumable products and as such we expect them to last at least 4 weeks from the date of receipt by you. We are happy to replace any of these products found to be faulty within this time.
  • Single Use items such as clearomisers, cartomisers, tips, the Liberro Go & Corona Grandes are disposable consumable products and as such we expect them to last at most the amount of use stated on each individual product information page. We are, however, happy to replace these items if they are found to be faulty upon receipt by you.
  • Due to health and hygiene reasons we cannot re-sell opened eLiquid. You may still cancel the contract within 7 days of receipt and send back the goods but please note, however, that opened eLiquid returned under this law will be subject to a restocking fee of the full amount of the product cost as the eLiquid cannot be re-sold.

This does not affect your statutory rights. If you need to return a product to us please click HERE to login and submit a returns request.

Important Battery Safety Advice

  1. Do not leave batteries in any place exposed to direct sunlight, such as a vehicle dashboard or a window sill, or exposed to high temperatures such as a vehicle parked in the sun. Doing so may cause the battery to leak.

  2. Do not leave batteries near a heat source, such as a stove. Doing so may result in overheating, explosion or fire.


  3. These batteries should ONLY be charged with this models dedicated cable & charger. They ARE NOT cross compatible with other model chargers.  ONLY CHARGE VIA A PC/MAC USB PORT OR THE LIBERRO VEHO MAINS USB ADAPTER. DO NOT USE BATTERIES OR CHARGERS FROM ALTERNATIVE SUPPLIERS WITH LIBERRO PRODUCTS.


  4. Failure to observe the above may result in fire or explosion.  Users of these products agree to accept all responsibilities for all such risks and not hold Liberro, its Distributors or Retailers (including Owners and Employees) responsible for any accident, injury to persons or damage to property caused by failure to follow these instructions.

Statutory EU Warranty Information

  EU Consumer Law Liberro 30 Day Limited Warranty
Repair or replacement coverage for Defects present when customer takes delivery1 Defects arising after customer takes delivery
Claim period 2 years (minimum) from date of delivery2 30 days from the day after delivery
Cost of coverage Provided at no additional cost Included at no additional cost
Who to contact to make a claim The seller3 Liberro telephone technical support, Liberro Retail Store or Liberro-Authorised Reseller
Included repair or replacement options Contact the seller for details Carry-in or postal service4
Overseas repair or replacement Contact the seller for details Yes5
Telephone technical support None 90 days from date of purchase

Where to find information on EU consumer laws

European Consumer Centres primarily offer free consumer advice and support for citizens of and residents in EU countries, Iceland and Norway, with respect to goods and services purchased from traders based in other EU countries, Iceland and Norway.*

For information on EU consumer laws, please visit the European Consumer Centre website at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/ecc/contact_en.htm.

If no specific information is provided for your country, or if you have any questions about consumer laws in your country, please contact your local European Consumer Centre at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/ecc/contact_en.htm.

How to contact Liberro regarding statutory warranty claims

Our contact information is available here.

* This page has been prepared by Liberro and its contents are not endorsed by any third party.

  1. In most EU member states, consumers may only claim for defects that were present on delivery. There are some exceptions including Czech Republic and Romania. The burden to prove that the defect (including latent defects) existed on delivery generally shifts to the consumer after the expiry of a period of six months from date of delivery. Examples of countries where the burden of proof does not shift include Czech Republic, Portugal and Romania. Please contact your local European Consumer Centre for details of the position in your country.
  2. During the claim period (see above), consumers may claim, among other things, free repair or replacement where a product does not correspond to the contract. Some EU member states, including Finland, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and Sweden, have a claim period that is longer than 2 years from date of delivery. Please contact your local European Consumer Centre for details of the position in your country.
  3. In most EU member states, consumers may only claim consumer law rights against the seller from whom they purchased the product. There are some exceptions including Finland, France and Sweden. Please contact your local European Consumer Centre for details of the position in your country. Consumers who purchased Liberro-branded product at a Liberro Retail Store, Liberro Authorised Reseller or the Liberro Online Store may claim against Liberro. Liberro contact details are available here.
  4. Availability of each option depends on country in which service is requested and location of Liberro Authorised Reseller. Liberro may also request that the customer replace components with readily available alternative parts.

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