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30ml Sweet Cherry Blush™ - Shake n Vape


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Just add the three bottles to the mixing flask to create the original Sweet Cherry Blush which was created and designed with our mixologists to bring you a tasty, satisfying vape of delicate sweet cherry.

Unsurprisingly, Sweet Cherry Blush is a firm favorite among our customers!


This e-liquid is sweet, but not sickly sweet providing a pure cherry flavour unadulterated by chemical tates sometimes associated with berry flavours. This e liquid provides the deep flavour of sweet cherry with a satisfying amount of vapour.


Alone, it’s the perfect vape for those who prefer like their eliquids bursting with juicy flavour but it’s also a great starting point to start mixing your flavours up. Why not add some Vanilla Indulgence to bring out the flavour of a warm cherry pie and cream, yum!


Or why not try to recreate a cherry cola flavour by combining our Sweet Cherry Blush and Koala Kola e liquids?  Of course you could mix with any one, two, three or as many other flavours as you like, to create that vape that’s unique to you.


We’d love to hear what flavours you’ve mixed so, after you’ve tried, tested and come up with your blend of e liquid, you can let us and our other customers know by writing a review.

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Congratulations you've found our Shake n Vape kits, a more economical and flexible way to vape your favourite flavours 30ml at a time!
We'll send you everything you need to create the perfect vape.  Just follow the instructions below and you'll be shaking n vaping in no time!
To make the original Purity blend (50PG/50VG) you'll receive a mixing flask and 3 x 10ml bottles as follows:
Simply add the three bottles to the mixing flask, attach the nozzle/tip from the flavour bottle, add the lid, shake and vape!

Our exclusive e-liquids are made fresh and, in small batches, to ensure you only ever get the freshest flavour and quality you'd expect from Liberro. Unfortunately, this means that from time to time they are temporarily out of stock.


But fear not! should you decide to pre-order your favourite flavour it will be shipped to you as soon as it arrives with us which is typically 5-7 days maximum. It also guarantees and reserves your bottles as soon as we get your order


Please note, however, that if you have other items on your order that the whole order will ship when the pre-order stock is available. Should you have other items you need sooner then please place a separate order or contact us for more details.


Sean Amoroso
4 of 5 Stars
I called your office today and spoke to Emma. She was very helpful in explaining how you had filled my most recent order. Apparently I have to mix certain liquids in order to get lower nicotine levels!! This was never explained to me when I received my order and there was no literature explaining what should be done. Although I want to progress my vaping by lowering the nicotine content, I don't think this method of having to mix my own concoction is really practical for me. So I'm afraid I will have to start looking around to see if I can find an alternative that is more practical and easy to use without all the messing about.


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