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Decadent Vapours

DV Purpello
simply delicious! A full flavoured blackcurrant vape with a syrupy boiled sweet undertone and a satisfying tanginess.. (10ml PG/VG base - 1.8%... more info
Bubbletastic! Our Bubblegum e-liquid is a juicy, fruity vape with a chewy mouthfeel and notes of almond and banana. (When vaping our Bubblegum... more info
Cherrylicious - 30ml
A deeply flavoursome cherry vape, layered with lush summer fruits.   more info
Choco Peanut Butter - 30ml
Rich peanut butter taste with delicious full flavoured chocolate bottom notes. more info
Creme Anglais - 30ml
A sumptuous, smooth custard vape with a with a full vanilla flavour that is sweetened with brown sugar and a hint of caramel. An absolute must for... more info
Crystal Blue - 30ml
cool and juicy! A divine deluge of juicy forest fruits, grape and a twist of anise, subtly culminating in a crystal cool finish. Great for an all... more info
Doughnut - 30ml
A lip-licking vape of freshly baked dough, with a delightful dusting of cinnamon sugar. more info
Gummy Bears - 30ml
A lip-smacking vape mix of juicy, gummy, fruity flavours.   more info
Pink Lemonade - 30ml
A mouthwatering traditional Italian lemonade with a hint of fresh Raspberry. more info
Purpello - 30ml
A full flavoured blackcurrant vape with a syrupy boiled sweet undertone and a satisfying tanginess. more info
Spearmint - 30ml
Sweet, mellow, mint taste. Delightfully refreshing. more info
Toffy - 30ml
Rich, sweet and smooth toffee vape with notes of burnt brown sugar and butterscotch. more info
Vimtage Pop - 30ml
Blackcurrant, juicy raspberry and red grape are blended to produce a vape with all the fruity freshness that old childhood favourite, Vimto. more info
Walter Malone - 30ml
A sun-kissed vape of refreshing juicy watermelon with a twist. more info