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Corona Grandes™ Nicotine Free e-cigar

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Time to relax

The perfect birthday, Christmas or congratulations gift for the cigar smoker, ideal for parties or just a treat for yourself and, of course, a much better alternative to smoking real cigars.

The Liberro Corona Grandes™ measures approximately 6" long and is pre charged and pre filled with cuban cigar flavoured e-liquid. Also featuring a realistic "ash" end, soft grip tip and realistic tobacco leaf print, the Liberro Corona Grandes™ provides a deeply satisfying vaping experience.

Disposable / Single Use

The Liberro Corona Grandes™  are pre-filled with 1.8% or 0% Cuban cigar flavoured e-liquid and are equipped with a fully charged 1300mAh battery to provide you with a satisfying vaping experiance!

Please dispose of responsibly when the battery & cartridge have been depleted. Recyclable where facilities exist.


Leslie mcmonnies
5 of 5 Stars
Great item will order again thank you
Charlie papps
5 of 5 Stars
Bought one as a gift for my dad and instantly regretted not getting myself one so we could both have a tobacco free cigar!! and feel like a HEALTHY mob boss!!! Ordered my second within minutes of having the first!!
Timothy Browning
4 of 5 Stars
I love these disposable cigars! Great flavor, vapor production, and lasts a long time. I usually order a few and keep them on hand for "special occasions". I've tried many other disposable cigars, and Liberro has hands down the best. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is because I'm not crazy about the new baby blue band on the cigars. I feel like I'm celebrating giving birth to a baby boy when I smoke it! Not a big deal, but to me smoking a cigar is kind of a 'manly' experience. Would rather have the old gold band back; it looks more like a real cigar. Otherwise, an awesome cigar at a great price! Thanks Liberro!
Tom Lauten
4 of 5 Stars
I really like these large disposable cigars. Because they hold so much liquid they stay "fresh" tasting for longer. The battery size means you actually get some mileage from them and because of the size of the atomiser the vapour is more abundant, cooler and more flavourful. They feel great in terms of their dia and heft as well. MAN, when you first fire one up they are AMAZING!! Great throat hit and LOADS of thick vapour! I like the realistic look of the cigars "wrapper" as and the activation light in the end cap actually fades up and down realistically when you draw on it. That means nothing in terms of function but it is very satisfying to me. I'm vaping mine now and loving it. The flavour is unique. The only similarity I can draw between it and real cigars is that it tastes a LITTLE like an unsmoked, humidified, real cigar smells. That's e liquid for you. You can refill the cartridges on these when they run dry but you will find the battery has lost a lot of power and even
Simon Jepps
4 of 5 Stars
I am posting a second review as an update to the cigar's lifespan query. I tried another cigar, but this time making sure to only take a couple of decent puffs once every 15 minutes. To make it last I inhaled all vapour, but let it slowly seep out through my nose. This made the flavour more pronounced and warmed my throat. This was lovely. The second puff was only a short puff to satisfy the urge of repetition. Smoking it this way prolonged the cigar's lifespan to 3.5 days. This isn't a bad rule, since often whilst we are making our lunch or dinner we miss a few tokes so that when we have eaten our meal we can take 4 or 5 puffs as desired. Also one often is preoccupied with other things or just chilling whereby 30 mins or even an hour will pass without a puff. Then of course you can take 8 or so puffs. I have still given it 4 stars instead of 5 because if it could be improved to push 5 days, perhaps 6, with this kind of usage plan, it would be an outstanding cigar beyond compare. I gue
Simon Jepps
4 of 5 Stars
In regards to vapour flavour, vapour volumes and the cigar's physical taste in your mouth, I give this five stars. It is a seriously nice cigar, smoking it is the most realistic experience I have had from this kind of product. It's lifespan, if vaped regularly during the day is a little over 2 days, getting weaker on the second. However, that is an evaluation having vaped it quite constantly with few breaks. I expect it could push 4 or 5 days if really only taken out of your pocket once every 30-45 minutes for a couple of respectable puffs. I am however yet to evaluate this kind of usage. So I have only given it 4 stars because I would prefer if it lasted longer. Well done again Liberro! This is the best disposable cigar on the market.


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