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Liberro Amo™ CE4 Tank


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Clouds of vapour...

Quite simply one of the best clearomisers on the market today.


Frequently Asked Questions and answers


Q: How do you fill them with e liquid?

A: To fill, just unscrew the mouthpiece and angle slightly to pour liquid in up to the 1.6ml mark. Ensure no liquid travels through the centre, replace the mouthpiece and enjoy!

Q: My liquid has turned a darker colour, is my clearomiser or liquid faulty?

A: No, this is not  fault with the clearomiser or liquid.  This is completely normal and can happen with some liquids after the clearomiser has been used and refilled several times.

Q: My clearomiser has stopped working/no vapour production.

A: There are 3 possible reasons for this:     
 1: It's reached the end of it's life. Clearomisers are disposable and we expect them to last at most 5 refills.     
 2: The battery needs charging.     
 3: The centre tube inside the clearomiser (at the battery end) has been pushed in through over tightening over time.  This stops the clearomiser making contact with the battery.  This is not a fault and can be fixed by carefully pulling the tube out (by only about 1mm - 2mm) using tweezers.

Q: My battery light keeps flashing when I push the button and no vapour is produced.

A:  There are 3 possible reasons for this:
 1: The battery needs charging
2: The centre tube of the clearomiser has become depressed through over tightening (see Q2 above to remedy)
3.  The contacts on the battery or clearomiser or charger or all three have become dirty.  Using some kitchen towel or a cotton bud clean all the contacts and threads on all components.

Q:  My clearomiser is leaking.  Is it faulty?

A:  No, clearomisers only leak when liquid has been inadvertently poured into the centre tube.  This can be remedied using kitchen towel and mopping up any excess liquid from both ends then blowing through into some kitchen towel until no more liquid leaks out.

The technical bit

Please note: Clearomisers are classed as single use items and as such we expect them to last at most 5 refills. We are, however, happy to replace these items if they are found to be faulty upon receipt by you.

  • Disposable Refillable Clearomiser
  • Compatibility: Liberro Amo, Ego, Liberro Click Pipe
  • Length: 65mm
  • Capacity: 1.6ml
  • Lifespan: Up to 5 refills

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Gill Baker
5 of 5 Stars
good quality
Joe Morton
5 of 5 Stars
I had ordered this but then, phoned up Liberro to check and found that it was not suitable for my pipe. The staff were very helpful and advised to change order to an atomizer, this has made using the pipe a far better experience.
Margaret Watson
5 of 5 Stars
My husband uses this charges up quickly Google value ,
Lawrence Slater
4 of 5 Stars
Again , my first one . Seems easy to handle and fill .
Jane Waller
4 of 5 Stars
The top is very easy to brake if drooped.
Michael Gaillard
4 of 5 Stars
Good value lasts a long time. Usually have to replace because mouth piece becomes loose or I break it when dropping the E-cigarette :-(

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