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Electronic Pipes

Long lasting satisfaction

For pipe lovers Liberro´s prestigious e-pipe offer an experience to enjoy, without the aroma!

The beautifully made mahogany body Liberro e-pipe, with its specifically designed Holmes Blend e-liquid, guarantees to deliver a robust woody tobacco flavour and performs just like a traditional pipe. 

TouchSense™ e pipe Starter Pack
A stylish and timeless design Slippers...check! E-Pipe...check! Carcinogens...er, no! The Liberro E-Pipe provides everything you want from a pipe...
5 x Empty TouchSense™ Tips
Ready and waiting.. ...to fill with your favourite flavour, each of these empty disposable tips hold around .90ml of e liquid, which, on average,...

TouchSense™ e pipe Battery
Always be prepared With a genuine Liberro® battery for our Touch Sense ™ e pipe.   The Technical bit Touch Sense ™ e pipe...

TouchSense™ e pipe Charger
Replacement USB charger for e-pipe Need another charger for your desk at work, this is the product for you! Includes 1 x USB Battery Charger 1 x USB...

TouchSense™ e pipe Lens Cover
Replacement battery lens cover for TouchSense e-pipe

TouchSense™ e pipe Mouthpiece
Replacement mouthpiece for TouchSense e-pipe

TouchSense™ e pipe Rest
A special place to rest, just for your pipe! As this is made from wood the picture does not reflect the actual rest that you will receive in terms of...

TouchSense™ e pipe Tip Saver
Take a pre-filled tip away with you and keep it safe in this replacement bullet tip saver. Tip not included.

TouchSense e pipe Body
Stylish and timeless design This is a replacement pipe bowl and battery cover for our very popular e-pipe. What does the E-Pipe look like? The...


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